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10 years of cranioTOP® 

A cordial welcome to the homepage of CLinstruments . 

 cranioTOP® -cranioplasty has been introduced to the neurosurgical community 10 years ago during the industrial exhibition  of the 2007 annual convention of tne German Neorosurgical Society in Leipzig. Since then we could supply a lot of your patients witn our customized cranioplasties. We thank all our colleagues for their support and confidence in our products which by this means have been crowned so much with success. We are looking forward to wecome you at our booth during the DGNC meeting in Magdeburg May 2017.

Yours sincerely,


Karl-Dieter Lerch, M.D., founder of the company, Former Senior Neurosurgeon, Neurosurgical Clinic of the City of Dortmund, Germany and former Chairman ISO TC 150/SC3 Neurosurgical Implants

Any Questions ?

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